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Who was wrong?

Who was wrong?

Some 8-9 years back in my primary schooling my history teacher taught me about the second world war, we were stunned when we realized the terror that hit the world long before. But our fears soon diminished when the next chapter was taught to us, that was about UNO(United Nations Organisation). We thought that our future would be a peaceful world without wars and blood flow. We but failed at the other end to realize the situation of the world at that time since it was our childhood. But after a short journey through life now I realize that our world would go further worst.

We all witness the day to day terror that takes place through out the world. What UNO had done against these brutal homicides. I always wonder for the reason why they have formed?. If they do not have power to stop these intrusions by nations should they remain as a dummy watchman for all these happenings?.

Rather protecting the powerless nations they functions as a committee to decide whom should attack whom. Is this the purpose for what they have formed?. Like a corrupted officer why should they add fuel to fire.

We all blame on Indian politicians and constitution for not attacking Pakistan for their attacks on us, but do any one of us tried to find answer for a simple question “Finally who is going lose or gain?”. What we should show as an example for the rest of the world should be what was taught to us by our great Leader “Mahatma Ghandhi”.

As human what can we do?

1. Propagate to all our friends and our young chaps to follow the path of peace.

2. Realize the fact that ultimately we all should face the almighty, so lets prepare for a best approach.

3.Avoid the thought that prayers are meant for only saints or priests.

4.Love your Nation and above all love your fellow beings.null

They were just sapplings..who was affected by them?

They were just sapplings..who was affected by them?


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