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Festivals are moments of excitement and joy which takes us to our nostalgic memories. There is a huge difference in celebrations that I experience now when compared to my childhood days.Nowadays celebrations are just a platform to build business and to show ones capabilities to others. In earlier days we had a remarkable difference between religious festivals which proves the concept of “Unity in Diversity”.But now festivals can be best defined as “Offer seasons” or “Sales Festivals”. People rush to malls and other showrooms to grab the best of the available products by just forgetting the value of festivals.

I was lucky enough to experience (Once in past) the purity and real joy of such festivals in my childhood days. One among such festival was “ONAM“. Me and my friends prepares at least a month before the day of Onam, investigating on how best we could execute this years Onam when compare to previous years. I was in 10th and was the “School People Leader” of that year (To be honest). We decided for a two days Onam celebration to be held upon.To start the celebration we had a friendly match between Staffs and students.Though the match was declared officially as friendly we both faced it as a battle field. I was the captain of students team and Ravi master(Our Tamil Sir) was the captain of the opposition.
Our principal controlled the match who was partial towards his employees(To make it funny).The first half ended without conceding any goals by both the team.The next half started off with a sudden attack from our opposition and they struck a goal. Later on towards the end we strikes them back with a goal and the match ended in a draw.To celebrate the unbeaten victory both the team was awarded with a bunch of banana(The ever rolling trophy).
The day ended with yet another interesting game “THE TUG OF WAR”. There were two separate competition for male and females. Both were between students and staffs. To agree with the fact students won in both the categories.The celebrations though ended for the day in our school, we rush to our homes eagerly to be a part of our village celebrations to be held up in the evening. We enjoyed “Uriyadi”,”Pulikkali” etc till six and our prestigious “Tug of war” between two neighboring towns help at 6:30.
The team names and members name were announced and to the surprise my father was a team member of my home town. We all supported for our home town and at last we defeated the neighboring town with 2-0.
The next day morning we all got up early and went out to pluck flowers for our “ATHAPOO” competition to be held in our school.We dispersed ourself in small groups and each groups were assigned with some particular type of flowers to be collected.The competition starts sharply by 09:30 am and was alloted with maximum of 2 hours to complete the competition. Despite of different opinions and suggestions we some how completed our floral design. Some boys were allocated to safe guard our “Pookkalam” from our other class intruders.



There was a common visiting time for the entire school students and staffs to witness the “pookkalam” and to make judgments. We hang behind our favorite teachers to influence them. At the end of the day we all assembled eagerly awaiting the results. Category wise the results were announced and in senior category we shared the first place with 09th A-section. The day was ended with complete joy and to add to it 10 days of vacation was announced.
Now, when I remember about those golden days it really shook up my emotions.What we gain from our life is all such happiest moments. If we cant hold it up then what is life all about?


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