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One big question that remains unsolved in the present is “Terrorism”. Some of us live a luxurious life and some in poverty. But the similarity that exists among the two category of people is that none of them are concerned to have a look at the world situation. Why is it so?

The rich people doesn’t care for the worst situations or for the disasters that occur in the world. Its because they are always in the lap of luxury and turn their back towards it, even though they are aware of it. Its not completely their fault because of the fact “only affected ones bothers for the cause”.

Now lets see the next category that’s the poor people. They always wander for their existence or survival. They will never bother how the world is, because they are in a marathon to meet their days.

But when we talk about “Terrorism” and its cause, who really are the creators of Terrorism ? or who are affected by it?. The single answer for these to question is the same that is both the rich and poor. If both these categories were bothered about its cause and effects then the world would have been a better place to live.

What may be the cause of terrorism:


2.Greedy towards Power?

3.To prove ones Dictatorship?

4.To Spread Religion Spirit?

5.To Save or to protest some theories?

6. Or some thing else…

Please respond to this discussion. Lets join our hands to wipe away terror from our world and try to bring peace.
” A Small child is curious about a balloon, because of its color and shape but when he grew larger he use the same to destroy the world. Whats the difference between the child and a adult?.”


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